Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Affectionate White Maine Coon Found!

UPDATE: Cat is a boy named Stinky, and he'll be home within the hour. Thanks for your help!
Affectionate white Maine Coon found in the Ardmore neighborhood

Found at near Collier Road & Peachtree Road in the Ted’s Montana Grill/Uncle Julio's parking lot around 7:45pm on 10/24/11.

She [or he...butt is so floofy we can't make out the sex] has a ratty collar on, but there are no tags. Had him/her scanned at a 24 hour vet, but s/he isn't microchipped.

This cat is EXTREMELY affectionate and loves to be brushed, so I know s/he must have an owner out there. I could not in good conscience leave this animal out in that high-traffic area of town, especially when s/he didn't have tags or a chip.

Please repost this or pass it along to anyone in the Buckhead/Midtown Atlanta area.

Contact cat.from.teds.parking.lot@gmail.com for more information.

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